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The Blend Epil 2B, Arrows flagship, has been made by arrow in New Zealand since 1979 This reliable, strong unit speaks for itself and has an excellent reputation for consistency and precision in the professional Beauty Therapy market A general purpose epilation machine suitable for HF diathermy, DC (Galvanic) epilation or combined HF and DC (Blended current) operation With Blend Epil's unique circuitry, DC current rises gradually when the footswitch is depressed and cannot increase beyond it's preset value, thus ensuring client comfort and repeatable results When using HF the footswitch can be used with or without the built-in timer The function switch allows a variety of DC and HF combinations to be selected to suit individual operator and client preferences: a) DC and HF independently b) DC on continuously, HF on and off as per operators control c) HF automatically terminates DC d) HF and DC on simultaneously The Blend Epil 2B comes with a tightly engineered epilation needle holder. The body is made from high durability industrial Nylon The Chuck and Internal contacts are made from brass and are silver plated. This is to minimize arcing and wear The Standard Chuck is designed to accommodate needles with a shank diameter 1.15mm to 1.2mm, ie F Shank needles There are other Chucks that can accommodate alternative sized (K) needles if required. Please ask your arrow beauty Account Manager for more information The Needleholder is supplied with 1.5m of extra flexible, multi strand copper wire, covered with pliable PVC insulation for long lasting performance The unit is supplied with: All leads (unique silicone wire prevents breakages) Needleholder probe (flexible wire to help prevent breakages) Footswitch with 3 control pedals Stainless Steel Cataphoresis Roller Neutral Hand Grip Detailed Instruction Manual
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