Elleeplex Profusion The innovative Lash Lamination system Utilising a Cysteamime HCL active and containing no Thioglycolate allows for gentle and effective lash lift / lamination results which minimises the chance of over processing and keeps lashes healthy and maintains the bond integrity of the lash. A synergistic system that incorporates the Re-Gen Next Gen system which boosts hydration and strength in the lashes to achieve optimal results and lash health. Last up to 6 to 8 weeks, with reduced chance of irregular grow out in the lash growth cycle. Fast treatment and processing time, minimal maintenance, easy to use single use sachets. Suitable for brow lamination (allows you to straighten brow hairs with confidence for clients that have unruly or downward growing eyebrow hair.) Strengthens, hydrates and protects. Vegan friendly. Gives the appearance of longer and fuller eyelashes without the use of extensions. The kit contents are: x1 Elleeplex Profusion 10 pack x1 Lash lifting adhesive 5ml x1 Elleeplex Re-GEN Next Gen formula x1 Elleeplex Aftecare formula x1 Elleebana Profusion Lash Lamination Manual *** ONLINE TRAINING can also be completed with the purchase of this Kit- Contact arrow beauty or your BDM for more information and/or to enrol PLEASE NOTE: We provide this course with over 25 years experience in offering lash and brow services and the Profusion System is one of the fastest growing and most advanced on the market today. If you have previously trained with another brand you might find some similarities between the treatment, however, there can be major differences between brands and training with our brand will be highly recommended to maximise your ability and achieve optimal results. Online courses are non-refundable We reserve the right to withhold issuing of a certificate until competency has been achieved through successful assessment. **Price is subject to change Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for Trainings and Workshops IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR QUERIES ABOUT THIS ONLINE COURSE OR ANY TRAINING OFFERED BY AROW BEAUTY PLEASE EMAIL US AT training@arrowbeauty.co.nz WITH YOUR QUERY Welcome to the wonderful world of Elleebana !
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