Ocean Road


Just like the ocean – as wild & dangerous as it is calm & beautiful – Ocean Road has captured pure indulgence in two complementing lines: one that is light, delicate and sophisticated and one that is bold, strong and robust.

Together, they bring a new level of luxury to your home, leaving you encapsulated in that calm, relaxed and revitalised feeling only the ocean can give you.

The active ingredients used in Ocean Road are ethically sourced and provided by nature. All products are made in Australia in an ecological and sustainable way so you can indulge with a clear conscience.


Our products are proudly manufactured in our 5-star energy efficient factory in Victoria, on the South-East coast of Australia. They are crafted with a PCR (post-consumer resin) plastic, which is a recycled plastic and sustainable alternative to help minimise our footprint on the earth.

We believe there is no place for animal cruelty in the beauty industry. Here at Ocean Road, we do not test our products on animals, and we never have. Our entire range is 100% vegan, relying on powerful native plant nutrients and potent active ingredients to nourish the skin and improve overall skin health.

We believe in creating high-quality skincare without the sacrifices. Curated to compliment the modern, indulgent lifestyle, our products stimulate the highest luxurious, sensory experience for all.

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