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Brow Gel Mascara with Fibres Brow FX Brow Gel Mascara with Fibres is a complete brow service in an elegant, easy to use brow wand. Achieve all day colour and structure to the brow, adding definition and style every time. Tiny microfibres within the product give extra volume to natural brow hairs. The high percentage of pigment in the formula gives an incredible color which is able to cover any sparse areas in the brows. The creamy texture formula smooths flawlessly over the brow hairs, with water-resistant results so you can expect long-lasting colour! Colour will remain on the skin to help mask gaps in the brow. Key benefits: Creamy texture High coverage Matte finish Velvety film Fast drying Water resistant Compliant with EU & FDA regulations Available in Blonde, Medium, Dark Brown & Dark Charcoal How to use: Sweep through the brows in the direction of hair growth, coating the brow hairs. For a more intense colour, allow to dry before applying a second coat of product. Brow Gel Mascara can be used as a finishing product after brow pencil or powders. The small brow brush allows for accurate application without smudging onto the surrounding skin. The siliconic powder provides a quick-drying formula that leaves the eyebrows feeling soft and velvety! Brow Gel Mascara with Fibres is smudge proof and water resistant, while hydrating and moisturising the brow hairs. This product is everything you need for perfect looking brows, all day long.
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