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Brow Proof Super Hold Brow Glue Achieve the laminated brow look in seconds. This water -activated miracle brow hold is designed to create texture and fullness to your eyebrows giving you that fluffy, thick, laminated brow look. Transparent in colour when applied and curated with a hole in the center of the glue, this innovative design allows you to insert and swirl your spoolie making it easier to coat and provide a more effective and long lasting application. How To Fill your spray bottle up with water. Spray into the jar or onto your spoolie twice using the spray bottle provided. Insert your spoolie into the jar and swirl it around for 10 seconds. Brush your hairs downwards (to coat all the hairs) now brush them upwards to coat the hairs again. Now sculpt and shape your brows into the direction you want your hairs to go. For the laminated effect press your hairs down using your finger or use the spoolie bamboo end to glide and seal your hairs down into place. If you want more of a fluffy brow look, simply comb your hairs up into place. Key benefits: Tames unruly brows, 24-hour wear, super strength formula, lamination effect, transparent, no harsh chemicals- This product doesn't leave a white cast on the skin or leave your skin feeling sticky. Shade: Transparent
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