A great microdermabrasion and Diamond machine able to use both crystals and diamond heads. Heads come in set with 2 wands and crystals are NOT included. Use both at the same time when trying to be thorough and give your customer the total treatment by bombarding the skin with the crystal unit first to break up and loosen skin, then hit the diamond module and lightly scrape the skin lightly removing every piece up to 99% of dead skin all at once. A wonderful tool for making lots of money and being unique for your customers. Plus they will come back over and over. A very nice and soft looking easy to use machine with instructions and extra hoses. Come see this unit in our showroom for yourself and try it. Each Machine Features: 2 Jars- uptake and waste Labeled hoses in and out Filters so crystals don't ruin machine Digital dials for minimum or max suction Instruction booklet included Support available if needed High quality rubber connections Beautifully designed machine with high quality wave look.
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